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Juno Reactor - Band Live 2022 -(Chauffer dans la Noirceur Festival 16/07/2022)

This show was meant to be in 2020, but many things have changed since then.

A whole new set of musicians & performers apart from:

El Amir on Guitars Michelle Adamson - Vocalist from Sphongle Karen Lugo, a Flamenco dancer from Barcelona Ramiro Bares, a percusionist/Drummer from Arggentina Virna Vincelli - singer from France.

Big thanks to Frantz (agent) and the whole crew at the festival and my Crew especially Chris Lewis & Erik Stiejvers, they were amazing.

We didn't have the opportunity to rehearse together, all of us living in separate parts of Europe. my intended drummer Johann Bley came down sick with Covid the day before, so Ramiro took the drum seat with a day's notice!

I was amazed as usually in rehearsal the first run-through is pretty awful, so I was passing out prayers to the gods like confetti, so many things can go wrong... but after the third track, we started to really hit a stride. Thanks also to the banging audience.

I am excited about where I could take this idea into the future, I have a plan, and now it would be great to get on the road, and see where we end up.

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