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MonaLisa Overdrive - Live @Fimucité

Matrix Reloaded & Juno Reactor Live led by Diego Navarro, a whirl wind of passion and creativity, a composer & conductor, Propelled MonaLisa Overdrive into a extravaganza of the original from Matrix Reloaded. Which is no mean feat!

The orchestra is amazing to be able to handle this, as well a choir and the soloists. What can I say! I am blown away not just from the performance, but also the collective vibe here.

From composers to Musicians it has been a real privilege meeting all, Brad Fiedel - Terminator, Vince Dicola - Transformers, Marcin Prybylowicz - Cyberpunk 2077, and of course Johnny Klimek - Matrix 4. Massive thanks to Fernando Carmena and Predro Merida.

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