• 1. High Energy Protons
  • 2. Laughing Gas
  • 3. Rotorblade
  • 4. Feel The Universe
  • 5. God Is God
  • 6. Conga Fury
  • 7. Komit
  • 8. Pistolero
  • 9. Hule Lam
  • 10. Masters Of The Universe
  • 11. Hotaka

ODYSSEY is a collection of Juno Reactor’s early work, featuring tracks from TRANSMISSIONS, BEYOND THE INFINiTE, BIBLE OF DREAMS and SHANGO. you can discover how they went from sci-fi trance to a more epic tribal sound. The tracks are in order from the oldest to newest so it’s a nice growing glowing sound. Exclusive track features the guitar frenzy of Steve Stevens and wonderful taiko drumming of Gocoo “HOTAKA”.

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ODYSSEY 1992-2002

Format : CD