• 1. Jardin De Cecile
  • 2. Conga Fury
  • 3. God Is God
  • 4. Komit
  • 5. Swamp Thing
  • 6. Kaguya Hime
  • 7. Children Of The Night
  • 8. Shark

The 1997 release of Bible of Dreams marked Juno Reactor’s fourth album. Relatively different from the previous three albums, Bible of Dreams marked a dynamic transformation away from the typical dance-techno formula that continues to dominate the genre. It moved away from being a musical journey to a focused powerful electronic sound scape with more punch and drive. With the single “Conga Fury”, Watkins introduced Amampondo, Nelson Mandela’s favorite traditional South African percussion act, to the world of Juno Reactor. Later that year, Watkins took Amampondo on a five week tour of the U.S. with him opening for Moby. The performances proved a crowd pleaser, and Juno Reactor kept Amampondo as a full time tour collaborator.

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Bible of Dreams (1997)

Format : CD