Final Frontier (Extrawelt Remix) 8:17
Zombie (GMS Remix) 6:45
Guillotine (Bliss Remix) 8:29
Invisible (Ritmo Remix) 8:39
Tempest (Zeologic Remix) 6:57
Trans Siberian (Cylon Remix) 8:20
Shine (Modus Remix) 6:33
Byculla (Tortured Brain Remix) 6:32
Playing With Fire (Jitter Remix) 8:04

With The Golden Sun… Remixed, Juno Reactor presents a companion album to its most recent opus, The Gold Sun Of The Great East. An exotic mix of reinterpretations, this stunning album takes the songs in staggering and engaging new directions. Surging trance beats, blended together with cinematic world music flavors create an epic experience for the listener.

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The Golden Sun…Remixed (2015)

Format : CD