• High Energy Protons
  • The Heavens
  • Luna-Tic
  • Contact
  • Acid Moon
  • 10,000 Miles
  • Laughing Gas
  • Man To Ray
  • Landing
¬†Transmissions was one of the first successful (goa) trance albums ever. The only other trance artist in that year that could come to blows with Juno was X-Dream (whom also released their debut album that same year). The sci-fi elements must have blown people’s minds. The CD seems to carry a theme of space and more in particular, the moon. The voice samples, cover art and track titles do a good job of that. The music itself is a very primitive form of trance, which involves a lot of acid beats. But then again, I guess I shouldn’t call this primitive because it blows a lot of today’s trance right out of the water with ease. This is the kind of album thats timeless and will never grow old. From the blade sounding beats in Laughing Gas to the guitar in 10,000 Miles and then the possible Contact with aliens in track 4… this album has it all. If you’re interested in seeing where goa began, a big piece of it is right here in this album.
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Format : CD