The Golden Sun…Remixed (Signed CD’s)


“The Golden Sun… Remixed” Shipping 5th June.

Remixed by  Extrawelt (Final Frontier) – GMS (Zombie) – Ritmo (Invisible) – Bliss (Guillotine) – Modus (Shine) – Zeologic (Tempest) – Jitter (Playing with Fire) – Tortured Brain (2 Byculla) – Cylone (Trans Siberian)

Quite possibly, it is one of the nuttiest tracks I’ve heard; it jumps around all over the place in such a smooth manner that you don’t even realize that eight minutes and thirty seconds just passed when you get to the end of it. In pulling from a Euro-trashy style, a completely chaotic, but beautifully organized remix would put together by BLiSS. Your EDM.

The single “Zombie (GMS Remix)” is an uptempo, captivating musical experience.  will pump so much energy through your speakers that you’ll feel like your heart will pump out of your chest. Watkins says, “Zombies have invaded our world, they are everywhere, this is dedicated to them… (EarMilk)