This week Inside The Juno Reactor it's a pleasure to welcome Deepak Ram, a musician of extraordinary grace. His playing is beyond technique, and for me it is sublime. His ability to transport me to other dimensions is what first knocked me out when he came down to my London studio to record a track called "Solaris". On "The Matrix Revolutions", when it came time to call musicians for what was to become "Navras", he was on top of my list. His bansuri can also be heard on movie soundtracks, such as “The Fast And The Furious”, “Matrix Revolutions”, “India, Kingdom of the Tiger”, “Stealth” and “Before The Rains”

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Deepak Ram is a South African-born flautist, composer, keyboard player, and producer of Indian origin. Deepak is considered a master of bansuri, an Indian flute of ancient origin made from bamboo. He is a senior disciple of world-renowned bansuri maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia under whom he studied Indian classical music. Deepak's versatile playing and breadth of musical repertoire meld classical and improvisational techniques of Indian Raga, Jazz, Blues, and Flamenco into a fusion that has garnered critical acclaim internationally.


DEEPAK RAM: http://www.deepakram.com/

BEN & JUNO REACTOR: https://www.junoreactor.com

KENJI PRODUCTIONS: https://www.kenjiproductions.co