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"Before Time was Now" Boxset

Greetings to you all and if you are new here, then thanks for signing up for the JR newsletter.

I’m excited to share with you all the second limited edition boxset I am releasing this year - “Before Time Was Now”. Completing a cycle of all the album work I’ve created as Juno Reactor over the past 30+ years with my collaborators.

Following on from “Imagination, Use It As A Weapon”, boxset 2 features the last 4 JR albums which included here are: Labyrinth, Gods and Monsters, Golden Sun Of The Great East, Mutant Theatre along with a 5th album with my favourite obscure tracks,  both old and new…

The artwork for “Before Time Was Now” is a piece from my friend Koji Morimoto. We first met after working on the Matrix films because of his Animatrix film “Beyond”. I wanted to do more film projects, We then collaborated on his film “Dimension Bomb”, in which he drew each frame, which was a bit crazy to work on as I was writing to line drawings, rather than film.

The Labyrinth album is also being released on Vinyl for the first time, it now looks how it was intended, which is the Silver on Black on Black, as Bible of Dreams, with four new montages from my brother Simon. The additional mastering sounds great and is an improvement on the CD release.

For the first time also we have made available T-shirts to go along with these releases. Check

Before Time Was Now  & Labyrinth are now available to pre-order from the 23rd May, click this link to secure your copy:

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