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"Labyrinth" Vinyl release

Updated: May 24

The Labyrinth album is being released on Vinyl for the first time. Originally I wanted it to look like the Bible of Dreams cover, with the foil silver on black, I was told at the time it was too expensive, which it still is today, but hey... it now looks great, with four new montages from my brother Simon. The additional mastering is an improvement on the CD release.

It was a strange time coming off the Matrix films, from the utopian life of working with the Wachowski's and then back to reality. It wasn't until Conquistador It started to take shape that I felt I could write again after the epic Navras. It took me about 4 months to land my head back in place, thanks to Eduardo Niebla and his flamenco guitar. Angels and Men had already been written as I remember playing Greg Ellis a rough and his deep breath on the words "why are you so afraid of the face of god", that small gesture made me think I should include it.

Mona Lisa Overdrive I needed to make a version 2, to put back in some of the bits the Wachowski's didn't like for the film, such as the Taz vocals, which I loved. War Dogs was written regarding the Iraq War which surrounded the time In LA.

Giant, came after Burly Brawl, I had these amazing drums and I needed to reawaken them, plus I met Diane Charlemagne! what a voice, I love being in the studio, setting up the microphones and Boom, out comes something so powerful, emotional, so sad when she died 10 years later.

I hope you enjoy this release, please give me feedback when it lands.

For the first time also we have made available T-shirts to go along with these releases. Check

Before Time Was Now  & Labyrinth are now available to pre-order from the 23rd May, click this link to secure your copy:

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